हाम्रो बारेमा


‘Farak Yatra’ is an Nepali news portal published and operated by Farak Yatra Media Pvt. Ltd. It has daily web portal which can be accessed on www.farakyatra.com at any time all around the world. ‘Farak Yatra’ is a Nepalese word whose meaning is ‘A Different Journey’. We have started this portal with the objective of transmitting the truth, facts and news of national and international. The team of ‘Farak Yatra’ addresses news with utter surety and research. We observe every journey, whether it is of distance or life, in a very precise way. We have started publishing news, articles and reports regarding politics, economy, arts, literature, entertainment, sports and community related issues. It has successfully managed to be recognized as a newspaper with true journalistic approach.

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